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Feb, 7 2018

Your funniest honeymoon stories

Your funniest honeymoon stories

We asked some of our Menguin customers for their funniest honeymoon stories. Here are our favorites of what we got back. Enjoy – we know we did.

We went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon. We had all kinds of dangerous adventures, white water rafting, grappling down waterfalls, scuba diving. None as dangerous as simply wading in the water though. We were enjoying some down time with a dip in the water on a romantic secluded beach, the water was clear, we could see fish swimming around us. My wife was tempting me deeper and deeper into the water. I waded in up to my neck when all of the sudden a frisky monster latched right on to my nipple!! It didn’t have teeth, it was powerful though!! I compare the feeling to sticking your nipple in a light socket!! It was a traumatic experience! I stayed clear of the water for the rest of the trip. – Ryan C

My honeymoon in Hawaii was a rollercoaster but nevertheless, we had a blast. Checked into our first Airbnb. Upon arrival, our towel rack fell off. Found cockroaches crawling on our bed and closet & the final straw was when someone literally stole our dryer that we paid for by taking our clothes and putting theirs in. Moved into another Airbnb because we thought enough was enough. Our car broke down due to a dead battery on the second to last night. On the final day, our second Airbnb toilet overflowed into our bedroom from underneath. – Kelly L

My husband and I became friends with a couple on our honeymoon. Our resort had a private cove area that was about waist deep. We all had a little too much to drink one night and since it was so hot decided to wade into the water. Turns out there was a swim curfew, probably due to liability reasons. We didn’t realize that until the Mexican police came and yelled at us/escorted us all out of the water. What’s more embarrassing is the lady who works at the front desk started teasing us all about it the next morning. – Courtney M

While on our honeymoon at the beach, my new husband was standing at the edge of the water–about ankle deep–urging me to join him. I was slowly making my way over, not sure whether he was going to throw me in or not. When I was just a few feet away from him, he suddenly screamed and grabbed his ankle. I looked down to see a jellyfish heading back out in the wave it had just ridden in on. My husband then looked at me, tears in his eyes, and asked me in the most genuine tone: “Can you pee on me?” Hahaha! Needless to say, we went back to the hotel and got proper care for his ankle. No pee necessary. – Becca S

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