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  • Wedding party management
  • Complete customization
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Couple getting married in Menguin Tux outside in the bright desert mountains.
Wedding photo taken of the Bride and Groom dancing outside on the beach. The photo has a vintage feel too it. Wedding photo taken of the bride and groom smiling outside in the bright desert mountains.

We were born to make wedding rental easy

We got into the rental industry because the traditional way of renting was a long, difficult process. By bringing the process online, giving you a wedding management system and world class customer service, we've made this easy.

Photo of a computer where the user is filling out their size information for the fit profile.

Control is at your fingertips
with our Groomsmen management tool

  • Track your groomsmen and other party members
  • Assign specific looks to each member
  • Re-send invites to them as reminders
  • See where each person is in the process: from accepting your invitation to checking out

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Wedding FAQs

Don't worry

We have a Fit Guarantee

You will receive your items about 14 days in advance of your event. If any items do not fit, then we’ll send you free replacements right away.

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