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Men's Prom Suits and Tuxedos

Finding the perfect look for prom has never been easier. With Menguin, there's no need to find a ride to a store- you can design your perfect Prom look online and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Easy Online Prom Rentals

Finding prom suits or tuxedos doesn't have to be complicated. Don't run around town to find the perfect look at the right price. Find your look online and coordinate your style with your friends, or date. Order your Prom look online and get it delivered two weeks before the Big Night.

Get your Prom Tuxedo or Suits In Three Easy Steps:

1. Choose Your Suit or Tuxedo

2. Get Your Fit

3. Rent, Celebrate, and Return

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How Will I Know It Fits?

Highwaters and baggy pants are for costumes, not prom. And no one wants a stranger up in their business just to get a good fit. At Menguin, you won’t have that problem. With our fit algorithm, just answer a few questions, and we’ll find the perfect fit for you, all online.

What Color Should I Pick?

Not sure what color prom suit or tuxedo to choose? Trying to match your date's outfit? Can't find the right accessories? It's easy at Menguin. You can easily order fabric swatches to match your ties and vests to prom dresses, corsages, and more.

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Prom FAQ

Do you wear a tuxedo or suit to prom?

Both! Almost every prom allows for the choice between a suit and a tuxedo. We have a selection of over 20 suits and tuxedos that will best fit your own personal style.

What is the average cost of a prom tuxedo?

Our prom outfits start at $99, but typically our suits and Tuxedos usually rent between $149 to $229, depending on which accessories you choose. You can build your look online and get an estimate.

Is it cheaper to rent a tuxedo?

Absolutely! Most guys will usually wear a tuxedo a few times in their life. The average cost for a new tuxedo is around $1,000 and high-quality tuxedos can cost $2,600 or more. With Menguin Tuxedo rentals start at $99.

When should you rent a tuxedo or suit for prom?

We recommend ordering four to six weeks before your prom. This way, your suit or tuxedo will arrive 14 days before your Prom. This allows time for you to try the outfit on and contact us with any fit issues. If needed, we will send FREE replacements to you right away.

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Fit Guarantee

If anything doesn't fit the first time, we'll send free replacements right away.

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Contact Us

Call us at 844-MENGUIN

Monday – Friday 10AM – 6PM EST

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Sunday 10AM – 6PM EST

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Shipped to Your Door

Arrives about 14 days before your event. Plenty of time to try it on.