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Every year Facebook is going to remind you what your wedding pictures look like. So choose a look that never goes out of style. A classic black wedding suit or tuxedo is a timeless choice for any modern couple.

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groom in a black Menguin tuxedo with black bowtie walking outdoors with his bride in a white wedding dress holding flowers and giant balloons
black Menguin wedding tux with a real black bowtie laid in its box

Think Inside The Box

Suit and tuxedo rental does not have to be so hard. You do not have to drive through traffic, find a parking spot and deal with a salesperson that would much rather be selling a suit to another customer only to come back and pick your rental up the day before your event. We’ve been in wedding parties. We did that. And we hated it. When you want a black wedding suit or tux you shouldn’t have to break your bank or back to get a great look.

After a couple of years of planning and a little bit of dough, Menguin is now 6 years old and has been a main ingredient in thousands of weddings. It’s easy. We have 5 black wedding suits and tuxedos and 21 total styles. From there choose your accessories to match and invite your wedding party. Once invites are sent, we take over. 14 days before your big day, your black wedding suits or tuxedos will arrive on the doorstep of your entire wedding party. If there are issues, that is why we send everything early. Just call us and we can take care of it. After the wild night, just put everything back and drop it off at the nearest UPS store using the prepaid sticker within 3 days. Did we mention? Free shipping both ways and any replacement is expedited at no cost.

Styles For Miles

Well maybe not miles, but it rhymed. Look, we all know style matters, but when it comes to your black wedding suit or tux quality matters as well. At Menguin, we have the highest quality fabrics in the rental game. 100% Merino wool with slim and modern cuts ensures your entire party will not only look great in their black wedding suits, but also feel great. Get to know our black wedding suits and tuxedos, along with our accessories by ordering Free Swatches.

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groom and groomsmen posing for a picture outside in black Menguin tuxedos

Home Is Where The Fitting Room is

Why don’t you just try us before you buy us? Hey, we understand that online suit and tuxedo rental may be new for you, but that shouldn’t have you shying away from our service. So, how about we let you try us for free with our Home Try-on* program? Find your black wedding suit or tuxedo that you love. Pick your accessories. Then let us send it to you weeks or months before your big day so you can see how great it looks on you in real life. We are serious, we will let you try your suit or tux out for 48 hours at no charge so you can get to know our service while approving the style and seeing our quality. Let’s see a store try that.

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Something In Life Is Free

Don’t worry, we aren’t your uncle telling you that, “Nothing in life is free”. With Menguin, it is. That shiny black wedding suit or any other look for that matter can be free if you are having a wedding. All you need to do is have 5 paid members in your party and your 6th rental is Free. So don’t forget your father or your 3rd cousin, which can both kill it in a black wedding suit. Heck, we even carry toddler sizes if you want to make sure that ring bearer shines while he struts down the aisle carrying the bling. However you want to style it and whoever you want to invite, just know Menguin has your back.

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guy in a black Menguin tux featuring a white pocket square and bowtie standing outside below palm trees

Sit Back, Relax And
Enjoy The Black.

*Home Try-On garments subject to availability

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