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Blue Suits and Tuxedos

At Menguin, we have the wedding blues. As in, all the wedding blues. It’s true. From blue wedding suits to blue wedding tuxedos you are sure to find your perfect blue match for your big day.

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5 Blue Hues Just For You

What’s your poison? Need a midnight blue tuxedo that is a break from the old traditional black? Perhaps you want a lighter blue suit that can dress up or down for an indoor outdoor affair? We have something for everyone and our collection of blue wedding suits and tuxedos is sure to satisfy the dream image of any wedding couple. Each blue wedding suit and tuxedo is created from high quality fabrics including 100% Merino wool and durable stitching. Get to know our collection and find what look you want on your big day.

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Menguin Light Blue Suit

Featured Blue Suits

A light blue notch lapel suit that is the perfect look for every occasion. Try pastel accessories to compliment your look. This men’s light blue suit rental features a blue and white woven fabric that adds depth to this look.


Menguin's Cobalt Blue Suit

Cobalt Blue Suit

A cobalt blue notch lapel suit that allows you to be flexible in your style choice. From accessory colors to shoes, you have the freedom to make this modern blue suit look all yours. Super 130’s Merino wool, flat front pants and sizing available in both modern and slim fits.


Menguin's Blue Chambray Suit

Blue Chambray Suit

A Blue Chambray notch lapel suit that is lightweight and pops. No need to dress with bold colors, just add some neutrality to this modern design. Men's blue chambray suit is available in modern and slim fit.

Design On Your Time

Your kitchen, office, living room or bed are all the perfect places to style your blue wedding suit or tux for your big day. With a few clicks of your mouse you can build your blue suit or tux and have Free Swatches delivered straight to your door. It is the easiest way to make sure that you get the right blue suit or tux for your big day. Avoid the hassle of the back and forth to a store and save the time of your wedding party as well. The days of the store and picking your blue wedding suit or tuxedo up the day before your wedding is over. We deliver all garments to your party 14 days before you say, “I do”.

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What About Fit?

Color, design and quality of our blue suits and tuxedos are on point. But how does getting fitted work? Excellent question. With a few simple questions about age, weight, body type, etc. we can use the given answers to match your fit profile with a previous renters data. In fact, thousands of previous renters. See, we have done thousands of weddings and with every wedding our fit algorithm gets smarter. Through machine learning and attention to customer needs you can rest easy knowing fit will be perfect.

Don’t forget all of our blue suits and tuxedos come in modern and slim fits. We even have toddler to big and tall sizing available.

Fit Process

Blue Wedding Suits And Tuxedos Done Right

By now you know the style and quality of our blue wedding suits and tuxedos. Likewise, you surely understand our rental process that gives you control over design and eliminates the stress of your wedding planning. But, there is more. When you rent your blue suit or tuxedo from Menguin we also allow you to try us for Free. With our Home Try-on* program we allow you and your partner to try your blue suit or tux for 48 hours at NO charge. This lets us to put our money where our mouth is and show you how great we are.

If you like us, awesome. Let us put a cherry on top. With 5 paid rentals, your 6th blue suit or tux is on us. That’s right, Free as well. To summarize, Free blue suit or tux swatches, Free Home Try-on and a Free rental with 5 paid members. That is blue wedding suit and tuxedo rental done right.

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The Wedding Blues
Have Never Felt
This Good.


It’s generally not appropriate to wear a blue suit to a black-tie wedding, as black-tie attire traditionally requires a black or midnight blue tuxedo. However, if the wedding dress code specifies "black-tie optional" or "semi-formal," a dark blue suit could be acceptable, but it's always best to double-check with the hosts or wedding planner to make sure you’re dressed appropriately.

Yes, a blue suit can be a great option for a groom looking to add a modern touch to his wedding day attire. However, it's important to consider the level of formality of the event and choose a suit in a shade and fabric that complements the wedding's overall style and color scheme.

Blue suits can be considered formal, depending on the shade and fabric. Darker shades of blue, such as navy or midnight blue, and fabrics like wool or velvet can make a blue suit an appropriate choice for more formal occasions.

When it comes to blue suits and seasonal wear, there are no hard and fast rules, but some shades of blue can work particularly well for each season. For fall and winter, deeper, richer shades of blue like navy, royal blue, or indigo can create a classic and sophisticated look. For spring and summer, lighter, fresher shades like sky blue or pastel blue can lend a breezy, relaxed vibe to your outfit. Ultimately, the best shade of blue for you will depend on your personal style, the event you're attending, and your overall color scheme.

*Home Try-On garments subject to availability

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