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Feb, 14 2018

What factors affect the cost of your wedding venue?

What factors affect the cost of your wedding venue?

Everybody wants an impressive venue for their wedding. But different venues can cost radically different amounts of money. In general, the more unusual or fancy the venue, the more money you’ll pay.

But these aren’t the only factors affecting your wedding’s cost. Some venues may seem more expensive than others, but they may come with extra perks that you would have to pay for out of pocket otherwise. Read on to learn the prices of various venues, as well as what’s included and what isn’t.

Rental Cost by Venue Type

Want an unusual venue for your wedding? It may cost you. Here’s a list of some of the most common venue types, and a range of prices you might pay for renting these venues for a small wedding in the Atlanta area.

  • An event center is designed to host large events, and may be ready with a PA system, catering, and other helpful details. For a low-end event center rental, you may pay around $2,000, but for a fancier one, be ready to shell out nearly $24,000.
  • Banquet halls and restaurants are specifically designed for catering to large crowds. You’ll pay $2,400 on the low end and $22,500 for a top-notch venue.
  • Historic buildings and landmarks have a unique feel and usually make for great photos. Be ready to pay about $4,000 at the lowest and almost $23,000 on the high end.
  • Museums are huge open spaces and make great backdrops for photoshoots. It’ll run you at least $4,500 to have your wedding here and potentially as much as $15,000.
  • brewery is usually outfitted for catering large crowds and is a great choice for beer lovers. A rental will start around $5,000 and may cost as much as $10,000.
  • Hotels and resorts host many private events and may offer a luxury experience. A budget hotel will run about $5,000, and a more upscale venue may run as much as $73,000.
  • barn or farm offers unique rustic charm and can make for amazing photo opportunities. These private venues can cost as low as $6,000, or as much as $12,000.
  • park or garden is another impressive natural setting. Booking this venue will cost at least $8,000, and may be closer to $13,000 on the high end.

Other Factors in Your Rental Costs

Of course, leaving aside aesthetics, these venues aren’t created equal. You’ll generally pay more for catering, plated dinners, an open bar, live music, and other factors. Keep in mind that what’s included may vary from place to place, but here are some common guidelines:

  • Your cheapest option for alcohol will be either to not serve it, or have a BYO system. An open bar will cost more, but some venues may bundle this in.
  • Buffet meals are generally less expensive. Catered dinners will cost more, and you’ll pay more for each course. Again, some venues may bundle this into your costs, for a small extra fee.
  • DJ during your reception will cost you extra, at most venues. Some venues may come with PA and other sound equipment, while others may require you to rent your own.
  • If you have decorations, you may bring and set them up yourself, or you may delegate this to the venue. If you have the venue set them up, they’ll probably charge you for this.
  • Some upscale venues have security. Otherwise, if you want security at your wedding, you’ll probably have to hire it separately.

The cost of your wedding venue rental may vary considerably, based on the type of venue you choose, the amenities included, and what extras you choose. By weighing all these options carefully, you’ll come away with the best venue for both your guests and your pocketbook.

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