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Feb, 7 2018

Wedding cakes that are not cakes

Wedding cakes that are not cakes

So you’re finally tying the knot–congratulations!

There’s a long to-do list for your wedding, but you’re a non-traditional couple. A traditional classic white wedding cake may look lovely, but modern brides often want to offer their guests something more unique, right?

Remember, this is all about celebrating what is most meaningful. And wedding cakes can say a lot. The key is planning on the design, theme and structure to make it a beautiful, memorable part of the wedding day.

Plus, there’s nothing like customizing your own wedding cake, adding flair and fun! Here are a few ideas to get the planning, inspiration and creativity flowing.


Summer perfect! For brides and grooms who happen to be throwing their wedding in the summer, this will be the highlight. An ice cream cake is perfect for outdoors—garden and beach weddings set the tone and theme. Fried ice-cream cakes are also a thing, with more brides opting for unusual twists to the normal wedding cake.


These festive donut cakes are anything but traditional! But from DIY to designer wedding cakes, we’re seeing a new trend all over Pinterest. Donut cakes can be stacked in various ways, depending on the size and flavors that the hosts prefer. If the plan is going for a fun theme at the wedding party, try this sweet treat to delight guests with that childhood happiness.


Wedding pies are perfect for adding seasonal flavors to your big day. They also bring back a certain nostalgia. If the plan is to serve them at the dessert buffet, it’s fine to choose a variety of flavors.


The best part about cupcakes at a party is that they are easy to handle. Wedding guests won’t have to fumble with their portions, and who can resist the beautiful photo ops it’ll make? Cupcakes are so versatile; they can be designed to reflect the mood and personality of the bride, groom and extended family.


Stacked on top of one another, a chocolate truffle cake adds elegance and deliciousness—who can resist? For this type of cake, switch up the types of chocolate in use. For example, alternating light and dark chocolate truffles, so that all the wedding guests can choose accordingly. This may be a highlight for kids present!


This gorgeous, delicate choice will show off attention to fine detail. Wedding planners can opt for all-white macaroons or have a variety of pastel-flavored, fluffy macaroons on display.


Best for an intimate celebration, mini cakes of different flavors and ingredients can be served in bite-sized portions. The stacked-tier cake design can be used to create a mountain of deliciousness with this type of cake. This is also a good idea if some of the wedding guests are vegan or on Paleo diets. Mini cakes can be customized for each one’s needs and food preferences.

Planning the perfect wedding cake takes a lot of planning, but it will be worth it in the end! Need more ideas, tips and trends on all wedding items? Check out our other blogs for inspiration. We have everything from tuxedo and suit rental to honeymoon destinations and wedding design!

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