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Feb, 7 2018

Wedding cake taste test

Wedding cake taste test

In celebration of our cake edition of Coat Tales, we asked Menguin employees to find funky cake recipes online and try to recreate them. Then, we invited couples to come in and give ’em a taste. To be honest, we were expecting the outcomes of these recipes to end up as our own “Pinterest Fail” rendition, but let’s just say… we might be able to add “cake decorating” to our resumes. Here’s what happened…

Our Customer Service VP, Amy, made this masterpiece.

It was made up of layers of chocolate chip cookie, Oreos, Oreo cream icing, and brownie, with cookie crumbles and chocolate drizzled on top. Chocolate overload. In a good way. Every bite is a different experience. A wild ride to say the least.

Chocolate-lovers loved it… Which was just about everyone. Well done, Amy.

Cake #2 came from Courtney, one of our graphic designers at Menguin. Feeling inspired by unicorns, artificial fruit flavors, that one Snapchat filter, and Candyland, she made this Rainbow Layer Cake. Each different-colored layer held different fruity flavors – red was strawberry, orange was… orange, green was lime, and blue was blue raspberry (Sidenote. Why does that flavor exist in so many different foods? There is no such thing as a blue raspberry. We’re confused.) Allegedly, Courtney used an entire TUB of sprinkles to coat the outer layer. Sign us up.

Tasters compared the cake to fruity pebbles, a 5-year-old’s birthday party, and Katy Perry music.

The third cake was made by Randall, another member of our graphic design team. Inspired by this topsy turvy cake found on Pinterest, he made this gold masterpiece. It had hints of Italian cream and coconut.

The reviews were very polarized. Some loved it and ate it right up, and some compared it to something your grandma would make – an ode to how boring it tasted (But, wait. Aren’t grandmas traditionally GOOD dessert makers? We’re confused again.) Either way, I think we can ALL agree that this is a structural masterpiece. Bonanno Pisano could learn a thing or two from Randall.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, this Peanut Butter Chocolate Layer Cake was made by Becca, our Creative Director. It’s drippy, symmetrical, professional-level aesthetic ALMOST beats out how tasty it was (Did I steal a piece of this cake from the office fridge before 11 am the past two days? I’m not telling.)

All hinging on tasters’ opinion of peanut butter, this cake also saw a variety of reactions. One taster hypothesized its soundtrack to be Highway To Hell, while others couldn’t stop licking their fingers.

Needless to say, we’ve had a very sugar-filled past few days here at Menguin HQ. Our office fridge is filled with gourmet cakes, and we want to eat nothing but vegetables for the next month. Wedding cake tasting is an exciting, yummy, and fun thing to do with your partner in the months preceding your big day – so don’t forget to schedule your appointment far enough in advance to make sure your vendor of choice isn’t booked up on your wedding date. For more wedding cake tips, check out our 8 Ways to Improve Your Wedding Cake Experience blog post.

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