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Feb, 7 2018

Top 10 favorite Florida wedding venues

Top 10 favorite Florida wedding venues

Disney World, delicious oranges, warm weather…there are a lot of things that prompt both alligators and retirees to flock to Florida. And while native Floridians managed to hit the “home state jackpot,” a lot of out-of-state brides-to-be also head south for the wint— err, wedding—because of the ideal wedding weather and absolutely gorgeous scenery.

So, whether you’re an official resident trying to narrow down your options or an out-of-towner searching for ideas, here are a few of our favorite wedding venues in Florida:

The Old Grove:Redland

In a rare example of “country meets beach,” the Old Grove has successfully combined the tropical aspects of the Sunshine State with an overall rustic atmosphere by merging forested acreage, bubbling brooks, and antiquated infrastructure with natural oases and tropical plant life. So if you can’t decide between palm trees and pastures, check out the Old Grove!

Credit: The Old Grove

The Temple House:Miami

Interested in a contemporary alternative to the more traditional wedding locations? The Temple House is an incredibly modern venue with all the glitz and glam that one associates with wild celebrity lifestyles…so it’s no wonder that the venue has seen guests as famous as J.Lo, Jay-Z, Ricky Martin, and many others. (It was even the filming location for One Direction’s “Best Song Ever” music video!)

Credit: The Temple House

Cyprus Grove Estate HouseOrlando

The height of Southern sophistication, Cypress Grove is one of Orlando’s most sought-after wedding venues. While many couples choose to hold their ceremonies lakeside or in a billowing white tent somewhere on the vast acreage, the estate’s amphitheater is the real gem. With strings of lights stretched across the patio, warmly illuminating the tables and dance floors below, the space is ideal for afternoon and evening receptions. The cozy vibes are hard to resist!

Credit: Brianna Forster Photography

Key Largo Lighthouse:Key Largo

Can you picture saying “I do” on a beautiful private beach—the warm white sand between your toes, the breeze gently blowing your hair, the coolness from the scattered shade of palm trees, and the majestic blue-green ocean softly lapping along the shore behind you? Whether you’re a native Floridian or a destination wedding seeker, there’s no denying that the Key Largo Lighthouse is a beautiful place to tie the knot.


Waldorf Astoria:Orlando

If “ritzy” and “high class” are adjectives that you’d like people to use when describing your wedding, then consider securing a spot at the Waldorf Astoria. With four separate venues—a lavishly elegant ballroom, a scenic promenade, a lush garden (equipped with a “tented ballroom”), and even a private island—you can customize your glamour wedding in a variety of different fashions.

Credit: Waldorf Astoria

The Historic Thomas Center:Gainesville

At first glance, the Historic Thomas Center seems to have it all: classic checkered floors, a full skylight ceiling, ornamental pillars, an open second-floor mezzanine, a rooftop terrace, and impeccable landscaping (for all of you outdoor-wedding lovers). However, after a thorough investigation, we found that…it’s even more perfect than we’d expected.

Credit: Lindsey Tropf

The Keeler Property:Jacksonville

Rustic country venues are hard to come by in the Sunshine State—thanks in part to the tropical climate and strong Spanish influences—but there is one particular Floridian estate that manages to defy these odds. The Keeler Property captures the essence of the word “rustic.” From an old-fashioned covered bridge to a large red barn and rolling green hills to peaceful ponds, this 40-acre estate is unlike anywhere else in Florida.

Credit:Bee Photographie

Mission San Luis:Tallahassee

With roots dating back to the 15th century, the Mission San Luis was created by Spanish colonists in traditional Spanish fashion: candle-lit halls with heavy oak beams, flourishing gardens, and rustic stone walls. And while the original mission was destroyed several hundred years ago, the replicated structure is just as mesmerizing (and more structurally sound than the first version, we’re sure). So if you’re looking to bring a rich history and cultural depth to your wedding, this just might be the venue for you.

Credit: Terri Smith Photo

The Vault:Tampa

This one is for all of the 90’s kids who fell in love with the towering ceilings and full-length windows in the library from Beauty and the Beast (or those who are simply searching for a venue that’s fit for a Disney princess); look no further than The Vault. A prominent bank during the “Roaring Twenties,” this historic building in downtown Tampa is now used exclusively as an event center. And although the staff might not serenade you with ballads like “Be Our Guest,” it’s still the perfect venue for brides who dream of classic ballrooms—complete with ornamental ceilings and marble floors—and chic decor.

Credit:Papered Heart Photography

The Baughman Center:Gainesville

Nestled in the forested heart of the University of Florida’s campus, the Baughman Center is the perfect location for those prone to architectural adoration. With its high-vaulted ceiling and the windowed walls that overlook a tree-lined lake, this breathtaking chapel might as well’ve been crafted by Tolkien’s elves. So whether you’re a Gator alum or an out-of-towner (or even a brave Seminole who’s decided to overlook a deep-rooted rivalry for the sake of the perfect venue), don’t be surprised if this place steals your heart.

Credit: University of Florida

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