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Feb, 7 2018

Groomsmen gifts for all budgets

Groomsmen gifts for all budgets

Welcome to the danger zone. The pandora’s box of wedding planning that no man is ready for. That lady you love so dear, she can gift in her sleep. She could get a meaningful and useful gift for a sidewalk. By 3 pm this afternoon.

Not us dudes, though. We are hindered by this thing called, “huh? and what?” disease. We are all born with it. Have no fear. Luckily, you have us. We here at Menguin have compiled a list of cool gift ideas for groomsmen that we think will encapsulate most modern day “gentlemen.” We have even gone off reservation on a few to add a little pizzazz. Let’s start with a few standbys:


From whiskey rocks and flasks to the custom liquor bottles and bottle openers, you cannot beat a good alcohol related gift. If you want to change it up a bit, try the below – it is a carry on cocktail kit. The gals will call it cute. The guys will call it delicious. Price: Varies depending on goodies. Available from MBOX with more goodies for $59.


Lately I have seen a lot of personalized grooming gifts. Razor and manicure kits, as well as memberships to Harry’s. All are excellent ideas. I received this shave kit and use it regularly. The Winston starter kit is engravable and starts at $25. Available from Harry’s.


Tie bars, pocket squares, ties and bow ties. All of these are good. No doubt, definitely a safe play and items that will be kept and used. Check out this curated box from MBOX, it includes everything needed to make a great first impression. Price: $89. Available from MBOX.

All of the above are classic gifts. Truly. Buuuuuuuuut, sometimes you want to just go off reservation and put your own stamp on things. Here are a few different ideas, for different crews:

4. ART

Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift that they can’t get anywhere else? Try buying some art. They’ll have to put it out – at least while you visit. Price: Sky is the limit. Bid online at Christie’s.


Chances are, your buddies work. And they probably work in an office of sorts. Now, they have plenty of desk related games like golf and basketball, but we are all about kicking things up a notch here. That is why, you should get this desktop trebuchet. No desk is complete without a strong defense. Price: $25ish. Buy from Amazon.


It is a motorized Cooler Scooter. That is all you need to know. Price: $850ish. Buy from Cruzin Cooler.


Now you guys just need to make time to fill it in. You are gaining a sister when your bro gets married, not losing a brother. Buy from Beer Cap Maps.

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