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Feb, 7 2018

Four alternative wedding registries

Four alternative wedding registries

Not every bride and groom dreams of Vitamixes and Kate Spade China (though if you are looking for a whimsical wedding China idea, polka dots are the way to go).

Some of you out there have all the kitchen items you could ever dream of – heck, you’ve already been living — and cooking — together for years now. Or, maybe you just aren’t feeling the traditional wedding registry.

The good news is that these days, you can leave the scanning gun at home and register for gifts that you’ll actually use and love. Here are four of our top ideas for alternative wedding registry — when pots and pans simply won’t do.


Worried you won’t have enough change left in your pocket after the wedding budget-busters to have your dream honeymoon? Unique wedding registries, like Honeyfund, allow you to have a honeymoon registry, where guests can literally help you pay for the honeymoon. They can give cash gifts or can pay for excursions, upgrades or romantic dinners for you and your honey.


Buying your first home together is a milestone for any couple, but paying for a new home can cause stress and anxiety. Let your wedding guests make your transition into a new home even easier with Hatch My House, which can be used as an alternative wedding registry to help you pay for your new home! You can design your dream home online and your guests can give you cash gifts to help out, symbolically buying you a window or a roof, but in reality giving you a cash gift that you can use towards the down payment on your new home. Throw a dinner party in your new home and your wedding guests can enjoy their wedding present to you, too!


Maybe you’re a couple that has dedicated your lives to giving back, or maybe you just see your wedding as an opportunity to bring awareness to causes that are near and dear. Whatever your reason, there are registry sites like the Just Give that allow you to create charitable registries. You can select charities that you care about, and your guests can donate to those charities instead of buying you a gift.


Got a groom who loves gadgets? He’s bound to go gaga over the idea of registering at Best Buy. But, let’s face it. You may not need or want kitchen items, but there are plenty of electronics that you can use to fill your home, and they can be pretty costly. Always wanted a big-screen TV and surround sound? Now you can register for it! And don’t feel bad about big ticket items. Several of your friends or family can go in on one item, spending what they’re comfortable with while getting you an awesome wedding gift. That they want you to invite them over to watch the big game on. FYI.

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