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Feb, 8 2018

5 tips for choosing your wedding venue

5 tips for choosing your wedding venue

You’re getting married! But before you can make all the fun plans like your DIY favors and finding your perfect wedding dress (squeal!) you need to decide where you are going to get married. Not only does the location help set the tone for your day, but it can also play a factor in the other wedding decisions that you make, that is why we made these helpful wedding venue tips.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 things to consider when choosing a wedding venue.


Ah, the ever-present budget. But, before you can pick your location, you have to know how much you can spend on it. Private estates or lavish ballrooms can take a big bite out of your budget before you even make any other wedding day decisions. If you’re working on a tighter budget, you can consider outdoor locations like state parks where fees are minimal and beautiful décor is provided by Mother Nature.


Does the event space provide tables, chairs or any décor? Is there an in-house caterer? Do they allow outside catering companies? These are all factors to consider when deciding on a wedding venue. When a venue provides many of the items, it will help cut down on rental fees – and delivery fees. Keep in mind that items rented and brought to your venue will also incur a delivery and possibly set-up charge.


Consider the time of year you are getting married. Many venues offer discounts during the winter months when they are not as busy, for Sunday weddings, daytime weddings or getting married on a weekday. Friday and Saturday nights will be the most expensive times to rent your venue.


Before you can decide on a venue, it is a good idea to have an estimate of the number of people you plan on having at your wedding. Not only do you need to ensure there is enough space to comfortably seat all your guests, but you need to consider space for a dance floor, band or DJ or buffet tables. You also don’t want a space that is too big. If you have a large event space and only 30 guests, the space will feel large and uninviting.


Planning to get married outside? Some may argue that there’s nothing prettier – plus all that natural décor helps save on the floral budget! But, it also means that you are dependent on the weather. Make sure you can get hitched without a hitch by finding a venue with a viable backup plan – a beautiful indoor space that you would also be happy with should Mother Nature rain on your wedding day parade. This can also come in handy if it’s too hot outside for the event, or too cold.

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