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Feb, 6 2018

5 High-Octane Themed Cocktails

5 High-Octane Themed Cocktails

Weddings are a time for many things – love, togetherness, and for some, getting stupid drunk.

Champagne is called for, but for everyone to build a buzz that truly reaches a wedding-appropriate level of spiritedness you’re going to need more than a little champagne. Serving your guests any one of these 5 wedding-themed cocktails will do the trick:

1. The Father-in-Law

6 oz. Wild Turkey 101

3 oz. Coke

There’s nothing too complicated here – just some high-powered 101 proof bourbon with a splash of Coke to make it more palatable. Hold this drink in one hand and twirl a cigar in the other for the complete old-rich-guy experience.

2. Journey Cover Band

3 oz. Kahlua

3 oz. Baileys

1 oz. Grand Marnier

1 oz. lemon juice

Top with a sprig of mint

Cheesy 80s love songs and weddings go hand in hand. Why not get a drink to match? Journey Cover Band packs enough of a punch to get you to belt along to “Don’t Stop Believing” without an ounce of self-consciousness or regret – that is, until a week later you see that someone uploaded your enthusiastically off-key performance on YouTube. Anyways, you should know that the sprig of mint is optional… you can have it “Any Way You Want It”.

3. The Godfather

6 oz. red wine

2 oz. Christian Brothers brandy

4 oz. ginger ale

Add orange slices

Refrigerate overnight

Break out your best Brando impression for this one – in fact, after you down a few of these, the resulting slur should help you perfect Vito Corleone’s weird whispery drawl. And yeah, it’s basically sangria (most sangria recipes call for club soda instead of ginger ale, but we went with ale for the sweeter taste).

4. Bouquet

3 oz. Bacardi 151

3 oz. Campari

2 oz. pineapple juice

2 oz. pink lemonade

Add edible rose petals

Don’t let the flower petals fool you – while Bouquet may not be the most masculine of drinks, it’ll still put you on the ground real quick. In fact, it’s the strongest drink we’ve listed here, thanks to the potent presence of Bacardi 151 (75.5% ABV).

5. Something Blue

3 oz. blueberry Schnapps

3 oz. Curacao

4 oz. Sprite

Named after the tradition of the bride having something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue for her wedding, you can knock 1 out of 4 off that list by handing the bride one of these.

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