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Feb, 7 2018

12 worst bridesmaids dresses

12 worst bridesmaids dresses

When it comes to ugly bridesmaid dresses, we always wondered just what the guys are thinking when they see these hot mess dresses. So we asked our Menguin man Nathan to give the dude point-of-view. Would he dance with these unfortunately-clad bridesmaids?

In my mind, being a bridesmaid is a lot like being a high-born in Game of Thrones. Every day you are alive is a gift. And at any moment the queen, or bride in this case, could off you. You are hers. She owns you. A part of that ownership includes her getting to dress you. Like a doll. Sounds super cool, huh?

1.Female Amish Cowboys. In multi-fruit flavors.

Would Menguin dance with them? Yeah. Of course. I would rock a matching pastel bowtie. By the end of the wedding, I would be rocking the matching hat.

2.Scary Pumpkins

Would Menguin dance with them? For sure. I am not scared. In fact, I would just throw some shades on to tone down the orange and hand her a vase to put those flowers in. Let’s get it girl.

3.Orange Creamsicles

Would Menguin dance with them? Yum.


Would Menguin dance with them? Yup. My grandma had this pattern on her couch back in 86′. It was comfortable. And I like comfy.

5. Purple Passion

Would Menguin dance with them? I would dance with them. I would also play fetch with the dog. And call CPS for the kid.

6.Flowers on Curtains

Would Menguin dance with them? I will say yes. But I am not happy about it. At all.

7.Cake Heads

Would Menguin dance with them? They have cakes on their heads. You definitely dance with someone that has cake on her head. Until you find out that it’s not actually cake. Dance disappointment.

8.Flower Pattern on Point

Would Menguin dance with them? I am going to say yes. But. I am going to be very cautious. Poison ivy is serious and I think I see some.

9. Fabric on Fabric on Fabric

Would Menguin dance with them? Yeah. You gotta do this. Mind her radius though. This could get interesting.

10. Santa’s Fam

Would Menguin dance with them? Absolutely. Worst case scenario, you are going to get on Santa’s nice list. Best case scenario, you end up in Vegas with the man himself, throwing dice and partying on a whole different level.


Would Menguin dance with them? 100%. The fact that the dresses look like they are oozing material to create another dress, you could end up with 2 ladies.

12.Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Would Menguin dance with them? Oh, yeah. These ladies look like they are having an awesome time. That is what it is all about.

Menguin doesn’t hate. We are always down to dance with a lady. We like to party.

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