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Feb, 7 2018

10 unique North Carolina wedding venues

10 unique North Carolina wedding venues

Nestled in the region between the East Coast and the Deep South, North Carolina is one of several states that has a unique blend of culture and history. Not quite colonial and not quite Creole, the Tar Heel State has a wide range of venues, including massive plantations and beautiful gardens with a few historical houses thrown in.


While the exterior may scream gothic and gaudy, the interior of the Biltmore (and surrounding property) is incredibly chic. From the trendy chandeliers and various draperies to the pointed towers and eerie stained glass windows, weddings at the Biltmore can range from darkly medieval to totally fashionable.

Photo: Woodward and Rick Photographers

WinMock at Kinderton,Bermuda Run

With its charming (if not quirky) style and vivid colors, we’re somewhat surprised that Wes Anderson hasn’t yet chosen the WinMock as a filming location. From the bright orange roof of the stretched-out barn to the greenest grass on the East Coast*, the rustic Bermuda Run venue is full of character.

*Disclaimer: No studies have been done to determine the validity of this claim.

Photo: WinMock at Kinderton

The FillmoreCharlotte

Particularly suited for couples who’ve chosen a live band as their music option (or for those otherwise in need of a stage), the Fillmore—which doubles as a popular music venue—has seen its fair share of amazing receptions. So bring guests by the hundreds; the huge reception room will hold them all!

Photo: Ashley Gillett Photography

Market Hall,Raleigh

True to its name, Market Hall was once a bustling Raleigh supermarket (from 1914 to 1957). And with its whitewashed brick walls and perfectly polished floors, the historic hall is ideal for celebrations of all kinds.

Photo: Market Hall

Rose Hill Plantation,Nashville

As with many mansions in the south, Rose Hill Plantation has roots dating back to the 18th century. Founded in 1762, Rose Hill underwent extensive renovation and updates in the late 1900s. So for those on the hunt for a venue with both state-of-the-art features and a rich story, prepare to wed under the Rose Hill veranda while your guests cheer you on from white lawn chairs in the pristine green yard.

Photo: Almond Leaf Studios

Proximity Hotel,Greensboro

With its unique design, the Proximity Hotel offers a wide array of fascinating architectural components: from corresponding circular staircases to massive square pillars and checkerboard ceilings to patterned windows. So for all of the architecture junkies out there, head to Greensboro for your one-of-a-kind wedding!

Photo: Elly’s Photography

The Cotton Room at Golden Belt, Durham

In a unique combination of modern-meets-rustic, the Cotton Room is a rare find. With hardwood floors, walls and ceiling (as well as optional wooden tables and chairs), the venue has an undeniably cozy vibe with industrial accents, such as the exposed ceiling system.

Photo: Carolyn Scott Photography

Castle McCulloch Crystal Garden,Jamestown

For many girls, the idea of castles and princes is one linked with romance from adolescence. So if you’ve found your prince but are still looking for a castle, we recommend seeking out the Castle McCulloch Crystal Garden in Jamestown. With its beautiful stone walls and crystal clear lake, it’s perhaps the most enchanting structure in all of North Carolina.

Photo: The Knot

The Venue,Asheville

In today’s detailed society, finding a simple and customizable venue can be difficult. Thankfully, The Venue in Asheville is committed to offering couples a beautiful but highly minimalistic area with exposed brick walls and wooden beams. The entire space (and even the name) boast of pure simplicity.

Photo: The Knot

Twickenham House & Hall,Jefferson

Rent out the Twickenham House & Hall and escape to the English countryside for your big day—all without leaving the state. With its large brick cottage and a lawn that’s perfect for outdoor receptions, the estate offers all the charm (and more) associated with beautiful country weddings.

Photo: Archetype Studios, Rebecca Rose Events

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