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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an easy one. Don’t panic, simply call us at 844-MENGUIN and we will send complimentary replacements. Sometimes the fit isn’t perfect on the first run… that’s why we send the tux a week before your event. Just call us as soon as you can and we will walk you through getting the perfect fitting suit or tux to your door. Fast.

For quick replacement service, please have your name, order number, or email address linked to your order handy. It is best to have the garments on or close by during the call.

We ship out 10-12 days before your event and the garments arrive well before your event. This allows time for you to try the garments on and contact us with any fit issues. If needed, we will send FREE replacements to you right away.

If you are needing your order for a longer time frame, Extended Rentals are offered. Please contact Customer Service for more information!

You can order any time... but we recommend that you place your order 3-4 months before your event. That way anyone you invite will have time to get fitted & checkout without being charged a rush fee. If you're just renting for yourself, you should finish up your order at least 3 weeks before your event to avoid rush fees.

By the end of the third business day following your event, typically the Wednesday following a weekend event.

Your Menguin box will include a return label and grey, plastic bag for the return. Slap the return label on the box OR bag and send the garments back to us! Please be aware of the shipping provider noted on your label to ensure a complete return.

A Menguin garment bag is included with your garments. This is a handy way to travel with your garments! Don’t forget to pack your grey, plastic return bag and return label for an easy out of town return.

Extended rentals are offered for returns after the third business day. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

Q: Can I try on the tux beforehand?

A: Give us a call at 844-MENGUIN and we’ll help you find the right option.

Q: Where are you guys based?

A: America. Seriously. We have six centers strategically situated across the US in order to get garments to the entire country as fast as humanly possible.

Q: Can I use a tailor to get my measurements?

A: Absolutely. Click here to find a tailor near you. Just print off this form before you go.

Q: Do you rent single tuxedos for special occasions such as prom?

A: Yes, we sure do. Simply register as a new user and follow the prompts. Once you’ve created your look, just choose the look that best fits you and checkout. We are built for to make all rental easy.

Q: Does the suit get wrinkled during shipping?

A: We use wrinkle-free sleeves, in-box hangers, and perfectly sized boxes to ensure your tux is shipped wrinkle free. It is still best to hang your gear up once you receive it.

Q: What if I’m traveling the week of my event?

A: We make it very easy. Typically, we will send the tuxedo to your home and if any items do not fit, then we send the replacement gear to your final destination. For example, if you are traveling on Wednesday for a wedding in another town and staying in a hotel, then you would receive your tuxedo at home on Tuesday and replacements would be sent to your hotel at the wedding destination by Thursday. If you have any questions about your specific timeline, please give us a call at 844-MENGUIN.

Q: Do you deliver to destination weddings?

A: At present we do not deliver outside of the United States. However, give us a call at 844-MENGUIN, and we can talk through logistics and timing.

Q: What styles of tuxedos do you carry?

A: We have millions of different options that can be pieced together to ensure that you look great.

Q: Can I change my style choice later?

A: Call us at 844-MENGUIN to make changes quick.

Q: Are they quality tuxedos?

A: Rental tuxedos must be made to last. Our tuxedos are no different. They are top quality and made by top designers like Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. We spare no expense to make sure you look great.

Q: Can you help match my colors?

A: We can. Chat or call and we can send you swatches of the suits and accessory options right to your door. No charge!

Q: How does your algorithm work?

A: A magician never tells. But, we ensure that no radiation is involved. Put in your sizes, and we will crunch numbers. Break out protractors. A compass or two. Spreadsheets. But seriously, we match your height, weight, and body size against all of our data we have accumulated from the legions of dudes who have benefited from the Menguin service.

Q: Can I get my tuxedo altered by a tailor?

A: Absolutely. Tailors can adjust the jacket sleeves or pant length of our garments at any time. However, no other (permanent) changes may be made to the garments. If you need to make any of these changes, we will reimburse you up to $15 with a receipt.

Q: What if there are problems with the fit when the tuxedo arrives?

A: We get your tux or suit out to you about a week ahead of time, and guarantee fit. Should there be a problem, give us a call at 844-MENGUIN. We will immediately ship a solution at no additional cost to you for a quick fix.

Our Fit Guarantee is offered for all orders placed at least 14 days before your event date. Give us a call within 24 hours of delivery, if replacement sizes are needed. We are then able to send out replacements to get you the perfect fit!

Q: What payment options do you accept?

A: We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS for payment purposes.

Q: Can I cancel the order?

A: If you wish to cancel your order, then please notify us 2 weeks prior to your event and we will give you a refund. Once your garments have shipped, we cannot offer refunds.

Q: Do you ship to destination weddings?

A: We do. As long as it's in one of the fifty United States (ok, we'll ship to DC too). Call us at 844-MENGUIN to coordinate.

Q: I am done with the tux. I partied hard. What do I do now?

A: Simple. Take the tuxedo, place it into the prepaid box and drop it off at the nearest UPS store. Done. Click here to find the nearest UPS location. Rental Agreement Terms Box with rental needs to be shipped back to Menguin on the first business day after the event. If you have an issue that limits return, then let us know, and we will work with you. For late returns , the following charges will be assessed: $25 per day (determined by carrier check-in scan, we will not bill you for shipping delays) Extended Rentals are offered for events that fall outside of our typical rental timeline. Please call 844-MENGUIN to learn about pricing and availability. We are flexible, so please call us at 844-MENGUIN, and we will work with you if you have any problems. If any of the garments are either not returned or severely damaged, then the following minimum charges will be assessed upon receipt:

  • Coat $350
  • Pants $250
  • Shirt $30
  • Shoes $75
  • Vest $60
  • Tie $30
  • Suspenders $24

Q: Can I cancel the order?

A: If you wish to cancel your order, then please notify us 2 weeks prior to your event and we will give you a refund. Once your garments have shipped, we cannot offer refunds.

Q: How does shipping work?

A: Easy. We have designed our system and process to ensure that you and your wedding party receive the tuxedos well in advance of your event. This ensures that you and your party have time for replacements if needed. Shipping is $20 and includes delivery to your door, a prepaid return label, and any replacement items you may need.

Q: What if I need to change my shipping information?

A: Log back into the system and change your address within 21 days of your event or just give us a call at 844-MENGUIN.

Q: What if my wedding date changes or is canceled?

A: Call us at 844-MENGUIN and we can change your date in just seconds. For a total refund, please let us know at least 2 weeks prior of your event.

Q: What if I desperately need a suit or tuxedo ASAP?

A: We can make it happen, but there will be rush fees applied. Fourteen days before an event, we charge a $40 rush fee and within 7 days we charge $100.

Q: What are the replacement costs for lost or damaged items?

A: Much like every other rental company, there are replacement costs for lost or damaged items. The replacement cost structure is listed below.

  • Coat $350
  • Pants $250
  • Shirt $30
  • Shoes $75
  • Vest $60
  • Tie $30
  • Suspenders $24

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