How To Rent A Tuxedo Online | Menguin

How this works:

Our Process

The tuxedo timeline

3-4 months before your event

4-6 weeks before event

10-12 days before event

within 24 hours of receiving

the big day

The third business day following the event


Customize your suit or tux with just a few clicks. You can build as many looks as you’d like, until you find the perfect combination. You can also request free swatches if you’d like to compare colors in person.


You can get your measurements from a tailor OR let us walk you through how to find your sizes in your closet. Either way, we check every single order by running it through our fit algorithm.


We ship from one of our 6 US distribution centers 10 - 12 days out, so you’ll get your garments about a week before your event.

Try it on

Once you receive your suit or tux, try it on. If anything doesn’t fit, give us a call at 844-MENGUIN. We’ll send FREE replacement right away.

Wear it

Drink, dance, have fun. Do whatever you want… just act like a gentleman.

Return it

After your incredible night, just slap the included prepaid return label on the box or bag included. You can return your garments to any UPS location or dropbox. If your hotel has a UPS pickup, that works too.

Our New Way

  • takes 10 minutes and all online
  • get your rental about a week before your event
  • Highest Rated Customer Service

The Old Way

  • takes hours & multiple store trips
  • pick up your rental 1-2 days before event
  • only open typical business hours