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Menguin has brought the future of tuxedo rental to you. Fit technology and groomsmen party management. Here to save your day.

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You rent a tux. Menguin saves a penguin. Together we can make a more handsome world.

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We are Menguin: The new way to rent a Tuxedo.

In just 10 minutes you can build your tuxedo. Book your wedding or event. Get measured. And then kick back - we do the rest. Tailored lines. More style. Less headache. We have thousands of color matching options, complete with 24/7 customer service. All delivered right to your door. We even save Penguins. That is tuxedo rental made easy.

Customize your tuxedo or suit, invite party members, or just roll alone. Kick back. Relax. We deliver everything right to your door at least 4 days in advance with unlimited fit replacements and roundtrip shipping. Enjoy your event without hassle.
Questions? Sizing concerns? Color matching needs? We even do last minute fixes. Our style service team has your back 24/7. Call us at 1-844-MENGUIN.
It is true. We save penguins. Every tuxedo rental directly aids in the adoption of an endangered penguin in South America. We are proud parents and invite customers to name our penguin kin.
Wedding. Prom. Black tie gala. Or maybe just a night out trying to kick things up a notch. We have delivered tuxedos to them all. See what our clients have to say about the Menguin experience.
We know how important it is to look your best for your photos. Every tuxedo rental delivered with a promise. Any issues and we’ll send you an immediate free replacement. Easy as saving penguins.
From color matching to the shipping quickly, our 24/7 Bridal Concierges ensure every tuxedo detail is taken care of. One contact. Just for you. Learn more about our promise to brides by clicking above or calling us at 1-844-MENGUIN.
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Aaron L reviews about Menguin

 I rented a slim fit tux (The Roma), and I looked killer.  Thanks guys.

- Aaron, Texas

Josh J. reviews about Menguin

If  you're looking for great, convenient tuxes...in a hurry...then go to Menguin!

- Josh, Georgia

Shaka B. reviews about Menguin

Not only looked great, I felt great. I told my friends about the concept and how the process was extremely easy. Guess who looked like a million bucks!?

- Shaka, Georgia

Menguin - did you know

Menguin has the colors. And we know how to use them. With hundreds of color options, we will make sure you match.

- Did you know?

Chris reviews about Menguin

Yes prom was amazing! I loved the suit!

- Chris, Mississippi

Colleen reviews about Menguin

I just wanted to say what a great experience we had with Menguin.  I would heartily recommend you to anyone.  Your customer service department was incredibly patient and responsive to our every issue. We will not hesitate to rent from your company again in the future!

- Colleen

Ian reviews about Menguin

Matt and I are really appreciative of everything you've done to make our wedding amazing!

- Ian S. (San Francisco, CA)

M. Carlson reviews about Menguin

I ordered my grandpas tux from you guys, and we couldn't have been happier! Great service for the groomsmen (including one super chubby high maintenance one!). Quote from Grandpa at the alter: yall look like a bunch of gangbusters!! LOL

- M. Carlson (Sheffield, OH)

Menguin - did you know

The entire Menguin process saves each customer almost 3 hours per tuxedo versus an in store arrangement. That is a lot of driving back and forth to the tuxedo shop that you will NOT have to do.

- Did you know?

Michael reviews about Menguin

I had the tuxedo shipped to the hotel I was staying at and it arrived a few days prior to the event which allowed me to ensure the fit was correct. The tuxedo fit great and I received numerous compliments while attending the Opera in New York. Thanks Menguin!

- Michael M (New York, NY)

Tim reviews about Menguin

Customer service was prompt. When I received the tux it was in perfect shape, the shoes where polished to a shine. The fit was perfect! I received several compliments from my fellow tux rentees at the event (And the ladies more importantly).

- Tim F (Orlando, FL)

Matt reviews about Menguin

What is typically a highly annoying and stressful task, the tuxedo renting process from Menguin was simple, stylish, and on point.

- Matt I., Georgia

Menguin - did you know

A Menguin tuxedo arrives 3 days before a typical brick and mortar allows your final fitting. It’s true!

- Did you know?


What if something doesn't fit?

Menguin provides 24/7 customer service. If any items do not fit, then call us at 844-MENGUIN and we will immediately ship out complementary replacements with expedited or next day priority.

When do I receive my order?

Orders are typically received 5-9 days before your event with plenty of time for for free fit replacements to be sent out if needed.

How and when do I ship back the suit?

All Menguin rentals are due back the next business day after your event. To return, simply place your rental items back in the box they came in and stick the included pre-paid UPS return label on the box, seal with the included packing tape and drop off at any UPS drop off center or your hotel’s front desk.

Can I just use Menguin for my groomsmen if I already have a suit or tux?

Yes, for grooms wearing their own tuxes, it is very easy to sign up your wedding party using our party management system. Just build your groomsmen tux or suit and invite them to your party using their emails - kind of like an evite.

Do you really save penguins?

Yes. We save penguins by donating to a Penguin conservation group in South America. We have been doing this so long, some of our adopted penguins even have had their own chicks, making us penguin grandparents.

How do I get fitted?

You have two easy options. 1) Use our fit algorithm that asks a few basic questions and gets your perfect body dimensions. 2) Get measured by any tailor using this form and input it online. Both options are backed by our 24/7 fit guarantee.

How does renting work for weddings?

We make weddings easy. You can design outfits for everyone from groomsmen to ring bearers and invite them using our party management system. They’re sent an emailed link to get fitted and pay. We help to make sure everyone gets fitted in time and looks great in the wedding photos.

Do you color match bridesmaid dresses?

Absolutely. We color match with all major bridesmaid dress companies. Give us a call at 844-Menguin, or email us at service@menguin.com to match any color.

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