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“Fantastic service if you need a suit out of town. Nothing to take with you. Nothing to iron upon arrival. When you're finished just put it back in the box and ship it off. Love this option! (And the people were great to work with too!)”
- Dave

“I couldn't have chosen a better company than Menguin for my groomsmen attire! As a bride, they had a large selection of suits and made the ordering process stress and hassle free! I loved that I could choose my desired suit or tux as well as customize my own look with a variety of colored accessories. Lastly, the customer service was outstanding! One of my groomsmen received a jacket that was too small, so he called Menguin and received the second jacket in a few days. I was very pleased with the quality and look of my groomsmen on my wedding day.”
- Christine

”By far the best tux rental service in the game. My (and my groomsmen's) tux was shipped about a week and a half before the actual event. The tux fit absolutely perfect and looked great (the Roma style)! A couple of my groomsmen had to get different size shirts, but the Menguin staff overnighted the new sizes the next day - no questions asked. The staff was EXTREMELY courteous and prompt. And the best part of all is that I could input my tux sizes from the comfort of my couch. Highly recommend!”
- Cory

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“I was floored by the selection, convenience, and customer service that Menguin provides. They have a variety of tuxedo choices and a long list of options to really create a unique look. The tuxes themselves were great quality they did a great job getting us the right sizes. I weigh 160 lb and my biggest groomsman weighed over 300 but the same style of tux made both of us look great. The actual receiving/returning of the tux via UPS was also really easy and had no issues. I was most impressed with their customer service. I reached out to their support team multiple times for clarifications and questions. Every single person I spoke to at Menguin did a fantastic job of getting me the information I needed right away. I can’t recommend Menguin enough!”
- Mellissa

“Menguin made ordering tuxes for the groom and groomsman easy! They had to do all the work plus menguin follows up with them if they haven't put in their sizes or paid! That chore being taken care of was awesome! Plus the suits looked amazing! My only tip is that if you have big and tall boy in your party they may have to get a new shirt/jacket size ( also could have been them putting in sizes wrong, but the three big and tall men are the only ones who had issues) However, getting a replacement was so quick and easy it was not even an issue! The last but not least thing? They help out penguins!”
- Nikki

”After getting seriously jerked around by Jos A Bank I went online to search different options for my wedding tuxedo and I am so glad that I did. Not only was Menguin considerably less expensive but it could not have been any easier. It took about ten minutes for me to enter all of my information in and pick the exact tuxedo I wanted, then my entire group was set up and good to go. My suit fit perfectly and not only did I look fantastic, but all of my groomsmen did as well. Menguin not only provides a trememndous value for the price but they're a great company and you can feel how much they enjoy what they're doing and value you business. I could not recommend them any higher. Do yourself a gigantic favor and use Menguin next time you need a kickass suit.”
- Eric

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“Menguin takes the tuxedo rental experience to a whole other level and was a huge success for my wedding. The customer service and attention to detail was unbeatable, and the tuxedos looked great on all the guys in our wedding party. Special thanks to the team at Menguin for making it all come together so perfectly!”
- Chuck

“The guys all looked great! Wonderful customer service! Everyone got the fit they wanted. Would recommend Menguin to anyone who needs to outfit a bunch of guys, especially when they live in different parts of the country!”
- Shirley

“Menguin was the best choice I made during the wedding planning process! Not only was the selection process easy, but completely stress free! I didn't have to worry about coordinating anything, I selected what I wanted and sent the groomsmen the link! All of the suits were of good quality and looked amazing!”
- Chrissy