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Menguin v. In-Store RentalWhy Choose Menguin?

Suit and Tuxedo rental is easier now more than ever. If you’re like most people, you might not know how to rent a suit or tux. How much does a suit rental cost? How long does it take to rent a suit? Here at Menguin we specialize in suit rental, and we do it all online so you can take care of everything without ever leaving the house.

Take a look at our commonly asked questions,and get started with free swatches to color coordinate your wedding or design your perfect suit or tuxedo and order a Free Home Try-On* for the groom or wedding couple.

Build Your Look
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Commonly Asked Questions:

How do I rent a suit or tux?

Long gone are the days of driving to your local Men’s Wearhouse or another retailer and trying on a suit off the rack that’s been tried on by other people. Now you can easily design your wedding suit or tux from home at Menguin.com. Once you have the look you like we’ll send a Free Home Try-On to your door.

Every suit and tuxedo has been cleaned and sanitized before shipment. Then, when it’s time for your event, we send your garments to you 14 days before your event date so you don’t have to worry about a trip to the Men’s Wearhouse for a store pick up.

How far in advance do you need to rent a suit?

Wedding suit rental is almost too easy with our easy to use online suit rental process. Most people start planning their rental about 4 months before the event, but you can plan whenever you want from the comfort of home with Menguin. Just make sure you schedule your Free Home Try-On as part of your planning process, and keep in mind we’ll send your wedding suit or tuxedo 14 days before your event.

No need to pick up your suit at the Men’s Wearhouse or local retailer the day before your event. When your event is done, you have 3 days to drop it off at a UPS location with the prepaid shipping label. No need to rush to the Men’s Wearhouse the day after your wedding to return on time.

Where can I get measured for a suit?

This is the easiest part. There’s no need to go to a Men’s Wearhouse or local retailer. We use your height, weight, waist size, age, body type, and shoe size to get you the correct fit.

Our Patented Algorithm provides a fit 90% more accurate than a local tailor. If anything needs adjusting, we’ll send you replacement items for free.

Is it cheaper to buy or rent a tux?

It’s cheaper, and easier to rent a tux. Buying a suit or tuxedo from the Men’s Wearhouse or local retailer will take time, and cost more to get the same quality as our rentals.

You can rent quickly, easily, and cheaper with Menguin. And once your event is done, no cleaning bill. Just ship it back, with free shipping, and we’ll take care of the rest with our in-house laundry and dry cleaning department.

What if I have to postpone or cancel?

We want to be the easiest part of our event, including our suit rental cancellation policy. If your date changes, you can postpone to the new date with no fees. If your event is cancelled, you can get a full refund if you cancel within 21 days of your event date.

Does Men’s Wearhouse tailor?

Yes. But why schedule a fitting at the Men’s Wearhouse when you can design your look and get the correct fit from your couch? No need for the uncomfortable traditional fitting process.

We do everything online with free shipping. Height, weight, waist size, age, and shoe size are all we need to get you a correctly fitting suit or tuxedo.

*Home Try-On garments subject to availability

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If anything doesn’t fit the first time, we’ll send free replacements right away.

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